Oh you wanna talk about Mamas?

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Paying homage to one of my favorite yo mama movie scenes of all time "White Chicks" it got me thinking about Mother's Day. Its right around the corner now isn't it? One of my favorite memories is my first Mother's Day in 2016. My daughter, wasn't even a year old yet and her father got me a card and king sized versions of my favorite candy bars. The card was covered in unreadable scribbles made by my baby girl and daddy's signature in a small corner with a lovely note. Later that day dad proceeded to eat all of my candy bars Haha. It's a memory that will forever be funny in my mind. This time of year makes me think of the naturally sweet buzz the whole country has when Mother's Day is coming. Like little worker bees children of all ages, shapes and sizes come together to make a day extremely special for the women who have given birth and raised them in their lives. I have to believe that Mother Earth is also appreciated on this day as well, as the animals gather nuts, flowers and offerings to say we are all grateful. With mommy in mind we came up with a cool solution to the age old question "What do we get mom for Mother's Day" Every single mother loves to be pampered and loved in luxury so we created a few things just for this special occasion. Our luxurious Mother's Day boxes come in a beautifully crafted marble and gold printed boxes, they include a variety of 3-4 products of your choice. For our $30 box you can choose 3 products and for our $40 box you can choose 4 items.

1 -8oz body butter or lotion of your choice

1-8oz bath product of your choice

1-6oz candle of your choice

1-8oz shimmering body oil

1-8oz bath tea/salt variety pack

Heck you might want to grab one for yourself! I know while I was making them there are a few I'd like to keep for myself! Let us know in the comments what your favorite Mother's Day memory is and check out our Mother's Day boxes.

Update: Upcoming products include our Mommy Butter, made with coco butter, shea butter, aloe, and other healing properties. It's amazing for strech marks and areas of the skin that need healing.

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